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The SAGE Faculty

“The keystone to all enlightened practices is simply being present, knowing that you are enough, and realizing that life offers more than we can even imagine.”

Courtney bauer
Co-founder, Author of Mastery of Posture

Yoga, Meditation, Healing Bodywork

Courtney Bauer is the co-founder of SAGE Shamanic Yoga. Throughout the past 25 years, she synthesized her practice and knowledge into a Mind & Body curriculum called AUM, and founded Studio ANYA in New York City where she trained and mentored hundreds of aspiring yoga and pilates teachers in her method. ANYA was a haven for like-minded individuals who longed for self-realization through body awareness and daily self-care practices.

Courtney is a teacher of teachers, and has worked extensively as a yoga, meditation and Pilates teacher, energy healer, trigger point massage therapist and Thai yoga bodyworker. 

She co-designed the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training program at the Swedish Institute, a health science college in NYC. She also co-created Trauma-Informed Yoga Trainings with 108 Monkeys, a New Haven based non-profit utilizing yoga and mindfulness techniques to mobilize social conscience and justice.

She is especially passionate about the Self-Care for the Caregivers program she created and facilitated for Womankind, a NYC based non-profit serving survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence of all ages.

It is her calling and commitment to help others fall in love with the magic of their body and to discover through the art of centering, the unique strengths, passion and insights that have been there all along. 

Courtney grew up in New Hampshire and is currently based in New York City. She equally loves being in Nature as she does city life.

“Living a life of fulfilment isn’t only a mindset shift. It’s a total vibrational shift that illuminates the soul and shatters the old self.”

Johnson Chong
Co-founder, Author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma, TedX Speaker

Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Healing

Johnson is the other co-founder of SAGE Shamanic Yoga. Along with being one of the lead guides on the Yoga Teacher Training journey, he also has a passion for creating transformational retreat experiences. Over the last 15 years, he has led around 20 retreats from the Caribbean to Europe to the sacred sites of Asia in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bali, Thailand and more.

He is also the creator of the SAGE Shamanic Breathwork and Meditation program where he synthesizes the most applicable teachings of yoga, meditation, breathwork, coaching and shamanic healing to help wellness professionals create even more effective transformational experiences. 

As a paqo shaman initiated by the Q’ero healers in the high Andes of Peru, a Four Winds Energy Medicine Health Coach, and Reiki Master, he has extensive knowledge of helping the body release stored tension from the world of invisible energy.

His passion is in guiding students through a shamanic journey experience to connect with spirit. The aim is to help them calm their minds, awaken their hearts in order to free themselves of the roadblocks that keep them from living more authentically and joyfully

He has spoken and led workshops at companies like Unilever, Facebook, Nike, Macquarie, Insight Timer, UBS, UOB and more. 

He is also a featured TedX Speaker on “How to Deal with Toxic Family Relationships,” and best-selling and award-winning author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma.

Johnson is a native New Yorker and glomad. He has lived on 3 continents and for now, calls Sydney, Australia home where he resides with his partner and rescue dog Lana.


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